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Treat You Loved Ones to a Family Camping Holiday

Family camping can be a fun experience for everyone in your family. When going camping you can have the advantage of setting off whenever you like to a camping ground of your choice, and you do not need to book ahead unless the site is very popular and it is the high holiday season. Most children are thrilled at the thought of sleeping under the stars and they see the whole family camping trip as an adventure. There is nothing better than eating outside. Some campsites may have barbeques available for use or you may be able to set up an outdoor fire. Alternatively, you can purchase camping stoves that run on gas, and you can buy specially made saucepans and frying pans to use with this equipment.

It is generally wise to practice setting up your tent in your back garden, particularly if this is the first time you have used this model, so that you are familiar with it and in case there are any pieces missing. Take a spare set of pegs as they are easily lost or forgotten. There is a wide range of tent styles available to choose from and different colors of family camping tents. You can buy tents that accommodate from one to ten plus people. Some styles of tents have separate sleeping sections for each person. Alternatively, you can choose to go family camping in an RV, or Recreational Vehicle. An RV has many of the creature comforts of home such as electricity, a bed, fridge, television and other things that you lose when camping in a tent. If you really enjoy the outdoors then you may like to consider family camping through backpacking. Everything is carried on your back in a rucksack and you can hike through the countryside to a campsite where you will stay the night and then continue to the next site the following day. When backpacking you need to seriously consider whether everything you are planning to take with you is necessary. Remember that you will be carrying all this for a significant distance between sites.

Family camping trips can be exciting. It’s always fun to visit somewhere new particularly if you plan the holiday ahead full of visits to attractions or activities such as walking. Make sure you compile a list of what you will need to take with you in advance such as sleeping bags, tent, camping stove and a torch. Many sites have a playground available for children to play on and this is a great place for children to make new friends. You can spend the evenings in front of a campfire telling creepy stories. Some sites may have a games room available for older children complete with pool table.

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