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The Importance Of The Right Kind Of Winter Camping Gear

What an exciting adventure you are about to undertake. You have planned for months, picked the right spot, purchased all the supplies you’ll need and gotten all the necessary gear together. You are going winter camping! Here are a few essential things to be sure you haven’t forgotten that you will need with you on a winter camping trip.

When making the necessary purchases of winter camping gear, you will need to include in your winter camping gear, you need to remember the importance of staying warm. You will probably be exposed to the elements of winter so it is crucial that you don’t get wet or cold as frost bite can set in. Staying warm while camping in winter is necessary in order to have a successful camping trip. Be sure you layer your clothing. Losing your body heat if trapped out in the elements is a real danger and one that can be avoided by being prepared ahead of time.

The Importance Of Being Well Insulated

Anytime we are active, it causes our bodies to produce additional heat. Especially while winter camping, it is important to capture this heat to avoid the harsh winter temperatures. There are certain items that you should have before setting out on a winter camping trip. Certain winter camping gear items that are well insulated are a must!

When shopping for the right kind of winter camping gear, start by choosing a super warm sleeping bag. Sleeping bags have different ratings and the one you need for winter camping should be rated as such. Larger size sleeping bags are great just in case you want to add layers of clothing or perhaps sleep with a buddy for extra warmth. The extra room inside will also be a nice place to keep things at your fingertips such as extra batteries for your flashlight.

The next thing you will need for your winter camping gear is a winter-proof camping tent. Try to purchase a four season tent. With its extra strong fabric, it will prove to be able to withstand strong winds and heavy snowfall. It will also typically include extra guy-lines to help secure it to your designated camping spot.

The next item you will definitely need while on your winter camping trip is winter coat. Be sure it is large enough for you to wear over layers of clothing, and a coat filled with down feathers is a good choice. Your coat will keep you warm while you are outside of your tent.

Another important item to have is an extra large size backpack. All your camping items should be able to fit inside of the backpack. You may be hiking in to an area where you will set up camp so having a backpack that can carry your winter camping gear is ideal.

Be sure you take along a good winter camping stove and plenty of fuel. And don’t forget to have plenty of matches on hand. Having an insulated water bottle is good so your water supply does not freeze in the cold winter’s temperatures. Some people say you should always include butter in your list of camping needs and say that it is a very big help for helping a winter camper stay warm.

Armed with the winter camping gear items listed, you are ready to begin a wonderful adventure. Be sure you tell someone where you are going to be camping and when to expect you back. That way, in case of an emergency, you’ll know someone will be looking for you. Have you camera ready at all times. You can capture some beautiful winter shots for incredible memories. Set smaller distance goals than you normally would with summer camping and plan to set a slower pace. Take time to enjoy the beauty around you and have a safe and wonderful time with nature.

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