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The Excitement Of Snow Camping

Most of us who have camped, have enjoyed camping in the summer time. Sitting outdoors in the beautiful sunshine and hearing the laughter of family enjoying themselves makes for a great memory. Watching as your kids slash in the local lake is definitely worth remembering. Even though summer time camping is more popular, camping can be done during the winter as well and can be just as fun.

Right Equipment For Winter Snow Camping

In order to enjoy snow camping you need to have the correct camping gear for winter. This includes a proper tent. Choosing a four season tent is your best option for use during the cold months as it not only helps to protect you from snow, but the wind as well. That combined with the right insulated sleeping bag, will ensure a good night’s rest. You’ll need to be sure to include enough dry, warm clothing in the event you do get wet or if you wish to layer your clothes for extra protection from cold temperatures. Include a jacket that is good for use in the snow as well as a hat, gloves, and pants. Be sure the clothes you pack for your stay in the cold outdoors are thick , comfortable and warm.

Something that can be enjoyed so much during a snow camping trip is mixtures to make hot drinks. This could include coffee, tea, hot chocolate and spiced cider. Nothing tastes any better when you are in the cold outdoors than a nice hot cup of something to drink. The warmth starts at your throat and goes all the way down to your toes. Water may be heated on a camping stove or over an open fire.

Coleman has a wonderful small heater that is great for winter snow camping. These are made specifically for the use inside your tent to help heat the area for sleeping or just relaxing. When you are warm and toasty, winter snow camping is much more enjoyable.

For additional fun, take things to play with in the snow such as snowboards, snow shoes or snow skis. There are many camping areas or parks that that have included these types of play areas.

One last quick check for important items you must have with you during a snow camping trip include: extra layers of clothing, sufficient drinking water, a first-aid kit, sun glasses, a pocket knife, a compass, food, sunscreen, matches, and fire starters. These items may be packed in a a large backpack. An air mattress makes sleeping more comfortable and its always nice to have a thermos to keep drinks hot and ready. Enjoy life to its fullest! Go winter snow camping!

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