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Going Camping – Devon

Camping is an incredibly popular past time in the UK. But when you are considering going camping, Devon is one location that offers a great deal of choice. There are over 150 camping sites in Devon, so that you’re likely to find one that is convenient to whatever areas you’ll be visiting during your stay. Many of the sites are located around the major cities, but you can also find sites that are further in the countryside and surrounded by incredible natural beauty.

Of all the places you can find for going camping Devon style, particularly if you are a practiced hiker, Dartmoor National Park may just become your favorite. The park is located about 213 miles to the southwest of London and about 13 miles west of the town of Exeter. The landscape of the park is full of beautiful vistas with lots of water sources and gorgeous purple heather that you can surround yourself with when camping. Devon in this area also boasts the Dartmoor ponies, who roam about the landscape and its spiny shrubs much more adeptly than most campers. In fact, only the most experienced hikers are advised to take on the landscape on their own.

When experiencing Dartmoor National Park by caravanning or camping, Devon authorities will remind you that it is illegal to simply pull a car or RV of the road somewhere in the park. You must spend the night in your vehicle only at designated locations within the park. If you decide to try it anyway, at the least you will likely be forced to move along by the local police or park rangers. And at the most, you will be charged a fine of about $160 for violating this local ordinance. Also, if you are driving a caravan, be warned that the roads in Dartmoor are incredibly winding and steep. Plus, you are not allowed to drive your caravan over the two of the bridges of the park that are on the Ashburton to Two Bridges road.

On the contrary, backpack camping Devon authorities are a little less stringent about. You are asked to remember that open stretches of land within the area are often privately owned, so you should take care not to cause damage or pollution to the area. Don’t camp within walls, on the side of roads or in fact within sight of a road, within sight of a house or other dwelling, next to farmland, or in areas that are part of the reservoir catchment system. It would be best to consult a park map when picking your camping spot in order to avoid camping Devon locals or authorities would be upset by.

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