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Camping Recipes Fuel You While Away From Home

Would like to enjoy the same great tasting food you do at home while you are out camping? Camping recipes can allow you to prepare good meals while being faced with the limitations that cooking in the outdoors brings. Nothing can match the satisfying taste of a great meal prepared over the campfire. Depending on what type of equipment you have, camping recipes will allow you to a big, hot meal or a simple snack that requires only minimum preparation.

If you have skillets to bring along on your camping trip, some great camping recipes to try out are ones that involve sauteeing, such as fajitas or stir fry. These recipes use great fresh ingredients that are nutritious and are easy to prepare. Also, if you do some preparation at home before you leave, such as cutting up your vegetables, your cooking job at the campsite will be even easier. Bringing a simple grill with you to place over the campfire makes a great place to prepare a hearty steak or other meal of meat to fuel you during your time outdoors. Other recipes, such as an apple, peanut better and jelly sandwich don’t even require a fire, but can be just a fulfilling.

It is important to eat nutritious meals while you are out camping. Many campers will be participating in activities such as fishing, hiking and boating that will require energy. To keep going throughout the day, it is especially important to eat a healthy breakfast. Some good foods to take with you camping that will provide energy and do not require complicated preparation or refrigeration include: granola, apples, bananas, trail mix, beef jerky, bagels, grapes, celery, oatmeal, beans and peanut butter.

Following is one of many quick and simple camping recipes that also offers a nutritious, energy-providing meal. You can prepare the stew at home and freeze it to warm up later over the campfire, or prepare it at your campsite.

• Peel and cube 2 large potatoes
• Clean and slice 2 large carrots
• Peel and chop 2 onions
• Place vegetables in a large coffee can with some oil and seasoning of your choice, such as chili seasoning or Tony’s
• Put 1 pound or ground hamburger on top and season again
• Place the can in the campfire coals and leave for about 45 minutes
• Stir the contents and serve

When you are camping and cooking, get creative. Try a few of your favorite recipes from home over the campfire. Some simple alterations can make these at-home recipes transferable to the outdoors. Also, great sources for camping recipes are easily available in recipe books or online.

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