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Campground Membership: An Important Investment In Your Future

Whether you’re an avid camper or just someone who is toying with the idea of camping for the first time, you might be wondering if a campground membership would be appropriate for you. After all, a campground membership does require an investment of both money and time. Therefore, you may be trying to figure out whether it is worth the effort. Let’s examine the issue in greater depth.

First of all, you might wonder whether a campground membership is really necessary, given the fact that there are plenty of state, county, and federal parks around. While that is true, these recreational facilities are tax-funded–and a shortage of funding could mean fewer services at your favorite campsites. In addition, you need to make a reservation to stay at a government campground—and that reservation could require as much as a year’s advance notice. Also, the conditions at government camping sites can be chaotic, since the campers they attract may hold beer bashes, loud parties, and engage in other distractions.

Because of government budget cuts, many government campgrounds have a shortage of rangers and security officers. As a result, there’s a danger you may have to contend with crimes such as robberies, assaults, or even rapes at public camp sites. A private campground membership might save you some of these problems.

Of course, there’s always the option of buying a camp site or recreational lot. However, that can be quite expensive—as much as $5,000. In addition to that initial expense, you’ll also have to pay for electrical service, sewer service, and well water. Add to that taxes, maintenance fees, and insurance costs, and you may have to invest several thousand extra dollars in your lot. As a result, a campground membership may appear to be an attractive, less expensive alternative.

In general, a private campground membership is more feasible than public camping for a variety of reasons. For instance, private campgrounds are generally safer, since private security is on duty and the campers there tend to look out for one another. In contrast, public camping can be more dangerous, since such sites often lack adequate security and the campers tend to be less willing to act as neighborhood watchdogs. You can also save money with a private campground membership, given the fact that the cost of staying at a private resort may be just eight dollars a night, as opposed to as much as $50 a night at a public site. The overall quality of private resorts may also be superior to the facilities available at public campgrounds. And, of course, a private campground membership can lead to all sorts of amenities, including access to a club house, rec rooms, and restaurants.

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