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Benefits And Losses Of Using A Canvas Camping Tent

Camping is a great way to experience the great outdoors and get to see part of the countryside. One of the main requirements for camping is a camping tent. This is one of the required camping supplies in order to be able to enjoy the camping trip effectively. This tent should be able to provide the camper with adequate shelter from any given element which may be present depending on the season. A canvas camping tent is one of the many varieties of camping tents to choose from. There are certain advantages and disadvantages of using a canvas camping tent and they will be discussed here.

Advantages Of Canvas

One of the advantages of using a canvas camping tent is its capacity to be inherently cooler than a nylon tent under a blazing sun. The natural color of the canvas camping tent easily reflects the heat of the sun and wards it off without absorbing much of it. Since the canvas camping tent is made of natural fibers and fabrics, this means that it is made of a sustainable resource which can be recycled to an extent that it may not cause any damage to the environment.

Another advantage of a canvas camping tent is the fact that it is basically easier to repair than any nylon tent. The canvas tent is made of a fabric that has a sturdy weave, this is actually on of its advantages also, which can be repaired by simply sewing a patch on the hole or sewing the cut or tear. The ease of maintenance is also another advantage of the canvas camping tent. When nylon tears, the fabric is difficult to mend and it is also difficult tot sew a nylon fabric.

Disadvantages Of Canvas

The main disadvantage of a canvas camping tent is its bulk and weight. A canvas tent is much more difficult to keep and carry than the lighter nylon tents. This means that the person carrying this will have a difficult time lugging the canvas camping tent around in the rough road. While canvas has a natural waterproof element to it, it is not altogether waterproof to some extent. Once this fabric gets soaked or wet under extreme rain, it will be even heavier than it was originally. A canvas camping tent may not be able to provide enough ventilation if it is closed due to the ravages of rain or snow.

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