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Camping Adventures: A Few Musts

Camping is always an adventure, whether it’s camping in Yosemite National Park or out in your own back yard there are so many fun things that can be accomplished in your little time away. There are a few musts when you go camping and we will try and cover a few to get you started.

Let’s Get Started

First thing is first. When planning a camping trip you should look at your location or facility that you would like to spend your time. Some places may offer actual campgrounds that come equipped with facilities such as bathrooms and showers and flat places already cut out of the woodwork to lay down a tent or sleeping bag. Other places offer more rugged terrain which some outdoor enthusiasts may prefer.

You can also look into local organizations that may be run by the community or even more nationwide type of organizations to help plan your trip. There may be a group trip coming up that you can get together with other camping enthusiasts and enjoy the outdoors as a group. The more the merrier!

There are many websites that can give you top camping destinations as well as checklists of what you may need when visiting your destination.

Another important thing you may want to check is the weather. Weather varies greatly by area and needless to say it would really be terrible to be camping out in the dessert where it drops to near freezing and you only packed Bermuda shorts and muscles tees.

If you are planning to do any hunting or fishing be sure to check the local standards and restrictions for obtaining a license.

Gear Up

Whether you are a novice or master camper all camping equipment is fairly standard. There are extras and different grades of things that you may need depending on what activities you have planned while camping. One thing that is typically used while camping is a tent! Depending if you are sharing a tent there are several different sizes and occupancies. Some tents can get as big as a twelve person tent.

If hiking you may want to invest in comfortable hiking style boots or sneakers. Rough terrain can lead to very sore piggies if the right foot wear isn’t worn. Sleeping bags are fairly standard objects when camping as well, however as of late more and more people have converted to using blow up air mattresses if they are sleeping in a place for more than one night. Makes the stay a bit more like home.

Other standard gear such as utensils and cooking equipment, extra clothing and lots of drinking water is essential, especially if you are planning on being on hot and rugged terrain. Out in the middle of nowhere and passing out from dehydration and there being no help for miles and miles is never a good situation.

Be Prepared

Let’s say you have your group picked out, bags all packed and think you are ready to go. Do a double check. Make sure that there are plenty of small necessary medical supplies handy in case something might happen. Make sure you mapped out your plan of attack. Map out trails and hikes that you may be taking and that someone else (besides yourself) knows the exact route you are going. If something serious were to happen at least someone else would know where to look for you. It may also be helpful to have someone along that has already camped or hiked the destination that you are planning on going to.

Lastly, take time out to stare at the stars in the sky and nothing but the sounds of the crackling firewood and crickets singing in the cool night breeze!

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